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Goodbye Mom

Goodbye-MomI had planned to restart my writing career. I hit a bump in that process when my mom got sick and was rushed to the hospital. She was in ICU for a week until we all agreed to let nature take its course. And that’s where I have been, at my mother’s side. We are nearing the end. I have worked slightly on my Alaska book while here, but not really.

So stay tuned as I get through this hard point of life.

August 6, 2016   1 Comment

Where are many of my past releases?

Welcome to the new blog/website, etc.

If you note my book page, many of my previous releases are missing. This is because I asked back for rights on many of my books. They have not been reissued anywhere as of this time. I’m sitting on some of them. Some will never see light again.

What of Descendants of Darkness? I do plan to revamp the books and release them as individual novels. Just not at the moment.

July 18, 2016   No Comments