Update 7/8/2015

Synyster_Gates_2010The vampire novella turned into a 80K novel in the process of the plotting stage. So, a new vampire series is in the works, just won’t be out until later. Right now I am planning this to be a trilogy of novels with some rockin’ vampires (and a werewolf among some other paranormal creatures).

Okay, so why a pic of Syn Gates from Avenged Sevenfold? I freaking love him. He is the inspiration for my vampire hero in my WIP Darkest Melodies. Think about it, a man with magical fingers… Sexy, huh? Heck yeah. Besides look at him. Doesn’t he just scream a dark sexiness? Well, he does to me. LOL! Okay, okay, I’m a fangirl type at times. You can never be too old to be one.

And one last update to include…the paperback book Men After Midnight is no longer available at Ellora’s Cave. It included Descendants of Darkness and Eternal Embrace. Those ebooks were pulled from EC a few months ago. I’m pulling some things I feel have run their course at EC. Besides in reading over DoD, I can’t believe it got so many accolades. It needs work. I will reissue them later with expanded versions. When, I’m not sure. I wish to revisit my beloved New Orleans vampires, but not right now. Later.

News update for 6/11/2015

vampire-02I had a few books returned to me over the past two months. Descendants of Darkness, Eternal Embrace, Lady Sheba and To Tempt an Angel are no longer available for purchase. I know a lot of folks are having problems with Ellora’s Cave. I’m not one of them. I have gotten paid every month even though it wasn’t a whole lot. I blame myself for that as I took a hiatus from writing for years. My plan for those books are to refresh them. I never was happy with the title “To Tempt an Angel” for my Regency vampire story. I don’t think anyone realized it was indeed vampire. I will be going over it and reissuing that under the original title Moonlight Rendezvous with a Vampire. I plan on finally writing the sequel to that as well.

But first….I am formulating a BRAND NEW VAMPIRE SERIES! Yes, new. Yes, vampires. I will let you all know the status of this series. The first book (novella) is due in July.