Coming April 1, 2017: Sea Hawk’s Mistress (reissue)

In readiness for the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie , Dead Men Tell No Tales (what a great title!), I’m reissuing my pirate novella, Sea Hawk’s Mistress.

“…step back in time and experience adventure on the high seas with this entertaining escape.” -RTBookReviews


On summer vacation from grad school, Shelley Hanover takes part in a modern-day treasure hunt on a newly discovered Spanish galleon off the Florida Keys. During the dive, Shelley finds a silver bangle, and when the clasp opens, she is swept into a sudden water vortex — and into the arms of a sexy-as-sin pirate.

Captain Jason Flint finds a woman floating in the wreckage of his latest victory, strangely dressed and wearing a sex-slave band. He decides to keep her as his private pleasure captive, and they enjoy each other’s hot flesh as they sail the cool Caribbean waters. But when a rival captain kidnaps Shelley, Jason realizes he’s lost something greater than any pirate treasure.


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