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President Trump

Despite who you voted for or who you wanted to win, this song has a great message for today. I love this song from one of my favorite singers, Ozzy Osbourne.

Find serenity. Live as one.

January 21, 2017   No Comments

The stealing of a dead woman’s walker

Photograph of a jerk.

Well, I found out how much people can be jerks today. This is not new news though. I knew it for a while. Let me explain…

My mom died last year. I had a friend who was having surgery and trouble walking, so I let her borrow my mom’s walker. A month or so later we had a falling out because I asked her husband not to post a GoFundMe link on my personal Facebook wall. I did not agree with their campaign. I didn’t complain or mention my opinion. I simply asked them not to post it on my profile. Thus it caused a ruckus of drama, accusing me of all sorts of villainy. In turn the friendship ended and I asked for the walker back.

This “friend” wouldn’t even ANSWER my texts asking for the walker. I had to contact her husband. I was given excuse after excuse about not having it. Basically I will not be getting back the walker because these people want revenge…or sold it and can’t bring themselves to tell me because it would make them look bad. (Actually they couldn’t get any lower in my opinion.) I was given a song and dance…an incredulous story to mask the fact they took the walker and not returning it…unless they got money. (Seeing a pattern here of priorities?)

So yeah, some people can be outright assholes. I figure my best revenge is to just leave their petty asses behind and move on. Hope they can sleep at night for stealing a dead woman’s walker.

January 4, 2017   No Comments

2017 Resolutions

New year’s resolution: Live healthier. Exercise more, eat better. Write more. Finish my Alaska medical romance in early 2017. Go to the big Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference in Orlando. Reconnect with my writer friends by rejoining RWA. Start reviewing my older works and rewriting. (Already was looking at Descendants of Darkness, my vampire series that was a Romantic Times Top Pick, for a much needed rewrite and expansion into individual novels starting with Alonso’s story.) –Quote From Facebook

So, I am now free from Ellora’s Cave. Oddly, I feel exactly that–free. My motivation has come back, especially as I read over Descendants of Darkness. I missed that series. I can’t believe it did so well with reviews though. I could do so much better. In thinking this, I am going to work on expanding the short stories to novel length books starting with Alonso. I may go with self pub. This way I don’t feel tied into a publisher’s view on the series. (Especially in light of The Originals taking place in New Orleans as well.) I really did not go where I wanted in the series previously. With control over the books, I can. A lot of pubs don’t want previous releases and that is okay by me. I will do the vampires of this series on my own.

But first, I wish to finish my Alaska contemporary medical romance. That is my priority. I hope to finish that up and sent off by March (latest).

January 3, 2017   No Comments